The Swing – Part I

leather sex swing

Sarah was a mess.  Her failing marriage left her feeling hopeless and unwanted.  Her cheating husband was not available to her, and she had few friends to confide in.  She felt numb when she began contacting men online.  Text conversations eventually led to phone calls.  Talking, and especially phone sex, sometimes provided relief.  If she was lucky enough to find someone who knew what she wanted, knew what she needed, then time on the phone with her dildo between her legs would reinvigorate her for a time.  It made life bearable again, but it never lasted long.  It was inevitable that she would start meeting some of these men in person.  She delayed that for a time, saying the phone calls would be enough, but eventually she knew they were not.

Early on she was very cautious, only meeting in public places.  They would have coffee or drinks, then she would blow them or fuck them in their car.  Eventually she went to a hotel room with a man.  That led to more meet ups in hotels and sometimes an occasional trip back to their house.  Most of this went okay.  She liked some of the guys more than others, but all of them seemed to like her.  At the very least, they liked her lips wrapped around their cocks, or they liked fucking her.  She craved the attention.  She was well aware of the danger in meeting strangers in private, but she found that the fear made everything more intense.  She needed more of it with each passing day.

Joe seemed enticing to her from their first phone call.  He wanted to know more about her than any of the other men.  Soon she was sharing many secrets with him.  The 200 mile distance between them made meeting less convenient, but Joe didn’t seem to mind just talking.  She continued to meet and fuck other guys.  She told Joe about her meetings with the other men, and he liked hearing the details.  The phone calls continued for months and they learned more and more about each other.  All their conversations eventually ended with Sarah’s orgasm.

He asked her if she was submissive, if she liked to be restrained, if she liked rough sex.  She wasn’t very experienced with any of that, but she thought she might like it.  Joe was encouraging and reassuring.  He described something in his home he called a sex swing.  Sarah had no idea what it was. He said it would comfortably suspend her from the ceiling and could be raised and lowered.  He said he had added restraints for wrists and ankles.  Her body would be readily available for him to do with as he pleased.  He said he could move her into different positions.  She could be sitting upright with her legs spread.  There would be easy access to her pussy and ass.  He said she could also be reclined so she was horizontal to the ground.  This would give him access to all her holes.  Sarah wanted to meet him badly.  Being restrained by a stranger felt very risky, but thinking about it, and talking to Joe about it made her pussy sopping wet.  He was always patient with her, never pressuring her.  He said he would love to meet her whenever she was ready.  Eventually she was.

Sarah and Joe planned their meeting for an upcoming weekend when her husband was out of town, not that it mattered to him anyway.  Sarah would drive the 200 miles on Saturday.  They would spend the night together, and she would drive home on Sunday.  She packed a small overnight bag and left around 10:00 AM on Saturday.  After a brief stop for lunch, she arrived 4 hours later.  Joe looked just like his pictures.  He was very attractive and physically fit.  His eyes sparkled when he saw her.  They were in his bed within 5 minutes of her arrival.  They touched each other, licked each other,  fucked each other, and then they came together.

They went out for dinner and drinks, then returned home.  Joe asked if she wanted to see the swing.  He left momentarily and returned carrying a metal frame with lots of black leather.  He hung it from the center beam in his den and began explaining in detail how it worked.  He asked her if she wanted to try it, and she shyly agreed.  He helped undress her and then lifted her into the seat. He fitted the padded leather straps around her ankles and buckled them.  He smiled at her and she giggled.  He pointed to the wrist cuffs that were dangling above her head.  She lifted her arms and he attached them to each wrist with a buckle.  Then he tightened the slack in the small straps holding the cuffs on her wrists and ankles to the frame of the swing. Her arms were pulled above her head leaving a little slack for slight movement. Her ankles were held apart, her knees in a bent position. Her pussy and ass was exposed to him at a perfect height for him to fuck her in either hole.

She was now sitting in front of him, arms above her head, thighs spread apart.  He swung her a little bit back and forth.  He spun her around.  He grabbed her tits and squeezed.  He sucked them.  He bent over and licked her pussy.  He reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy up close to his face while he tongue fucked her and sucked her clit.  He took off his pants and slipped his cock inside her sweet hole.  He stood there, swinging her forward and back on his cock.  He pulled out, spun her around and fucked her pussy from behind.  He reached around and grabbed her tits, and rubbed her clit.   She was helpless to do anything but accept whatever he was doing to her.  She loved the feeling.  He was in total control of her.  She was his sex toy in his sex swing, for him to use as he wished.  She came all over his cock while he was fucking her, then he came inside of her.  They fucked more later that night, and the next day, then Sarah drove home.

The Swing – Part II

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