The Swing – Part II

leather sex swing

The Swing – Part I

Sarah’s life continued as before.  She frequently met other men for sex, but it was somehow less fulfilling than before.  She thought often of her time with Joe, and they continued talking regularly on the phone.  She often masturbated while thinking of the swing.  She asked Joe if he had used it with other women.  He told her about a previous girlfriend who wanted to be fucked by a group of guys.  He arranged it with friends of his, and he purchased the swing specifically for that encounter.  He had not used it since, until she had visited him.  Sarah began thinking about this, and they talked about it frequently.  She found herself being turned on more and more at the thought of being restrained and gang fucked.  Of course it made her nervous too, and she was somewhat afraid, but that made it all the more exciting to her too.

They arranged another weekend meeting, about a month after her first visit.  Joe was going to invite mostly the same group of friends that had fucked the previous girl in his swing.  He didn’t give Sarah all the details of what would happen, as they both decided an element of surprise would intensify the experience for her.  She had no idea how many men would be there, or what exactly they would do to her, but thinking about the possibilities always made her pussy wet.  At last the time came for another drive to visit Joe. She arrived early in the afternoon and they once again fucked immediately in his bed.  Then they relaxed a bit and prepared for the evening.

As the time approached, Joe got her ready in the swing.  It was like before at first, with the same wrist and ankle cuffs.  She was sitting upright in the swing. Then he attached additional straps around her thighs to better spread and restrain her legs.  Finally, he brought out a leather collar and hood and showed them it to her.  She was reluctant at first, but he convinced her that it would heighten the experience for her.  He put the collar on first and buckled it snug around her neck.  Then he slipped the hood over her head.  Straps from the bottom of the hood attached to rings in the collar to hold it in place.  Her face was completely covered except for the round opening at her mouth.  She found breathing through her nose possible, but difficult.  He then slipped a ball gag in her mouth and attached the strap around the back of her head.

Joe then told Sarah that the men would be arriving soon.  They were going to treat her as a fuck toy.  She was nothing but a way for them to cum, and they would be using all of her holes for their pleasure.  He hold her that they would be very rough at times.  He told her it was a large group, but she wouldn’t know exactly how many.  Then the doorbell rang and she heard him walk away.  Next she heard many voices enter the room.

She felt them touching her immediately and everywhere.  Fingers inside of her pussy and ass, hands slapping her ass, squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples.  They slapped her tits too, and slapped her thighs and her pussy.  They used the swing to spin her around and pass her among them as each man groped her.  She also heard them talking, not specific conversations but lots of comments.

“Fuck, you found a good one Joe!”
“What a tight little fuck toy!”
“Nice tits! ”
“Check out how wet this slut is already! ”
“You can’t wait, can you bitch!”
“She’s a cum slut for sure”

It wasn’t long until the fingers inside her were replaced with cocks.  In her upright position, two men were able to fill her pussy and ass at the same time.  While being penetrated in her cunt and ass, she continued to feel many hands all over her body. From time to time, she could feel the men trading places.  A cock would slip out of one of her fuck holes, and another cock would replace it.  She felt different sizes.  Some were painfully large.  Most were painfully rough with her.  Soon she felt her nipples pinched firmly as clamps were attached.  The pain was intense, and somewhat distracted her from the cocks that were pounding her holes.  She bit down on the ball gag as she let out a scream of pain and ecstasy.

The fucking continued nonstop.  She didn’t know for how long, but she began to grow accustomed to it.  This was her current reality.  Everything else had long since faded away.  She was a fuckable sex toy.  Eventually, some of the men came.  She could feel them throbbing inside her and heard them moan as they sprayed their hot cum in her cunt and ass.  Others took their place.  Except for brief times during the switch, there was always a cock in her pussy and her ass.

After what seemed like hours of this, she felt the swing being adjusted.  She was moved into a horizontal position facing downward. A large strap around her midsection helped support her weight. It was uncomfortable.  The clamps were still on her nipples and she felt them pulling harder now as if weights had been attached to them.  There was a cock in her ass now from behind.  At her head, someone removed the ball gag and stuffed a cock down her throat.  Her face and ass were fucked hard until the cock in her mouth exploded with a gush of semen.  She was told to swallow as he pulled out and another took his place and began face fucking her.  No longer in her ass now, someone was fucking her pussy again.  She found it hard to breath with the hood on and a cock blocking her airway.  She gasped for air whenever given the chance.

This continued for a time as the men took turns, one cock in her mouth and another from behind in her pussy or ass.  Her tits with the clamps hanging from her nipples bounced painfully as they forcefully thrust themselves inside her.  More of them came, some in her pussy and ass, but many in her mouth.  She could taste herself on their cocks.

Finally things began to slow down.  She realized that most of the men had cum, some of them more than once, but they were gradually becoming satiated.  Then, with a cock deep in her mouth and ass, someone removed the clamps from her nipples.  At the same time, fingers were rubbing her clit.  They pain and pleasure combination was too much for her and she came violently.  A few more men took a turn fucking her and coming.

Then, as quickly as it began, it was over.  The men were gone and the voices died away.  She felt herself returning to a vertical sitting position in the swing.  She felt a warm wet cloth on her body, rubbing her tender breasts and nipples.  She felt it move all over her body.  It was soothing on her pussy and ass.  Then Joe removed her hood.  Her eyes struggled to adjust to the light, then he slowly came into focus.  He kissed her tenderly and then removed her restraints and helped her down from the swing.  She couldn’t stand, so he carried her to the bed where she instantly fell into a deep sleep.

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