I arrived home and poured a drink, a Whiskey Sour.  Sitting on the bar stool I listened to the bath water running upstairs while sipping the beverage.  She was up there soaking in the tub, clearly preparing for my arrival.  I smiled, pleased that she was thinking of me.  The stress of a busy work day prompted me to come home early.  I needed a break from the meetings, phone calls, coworkers, and managers.  No one could help me unwind like she could.

I had plans to fully and forcefully use her body for my satisfaction soon, but tonight was not the night.  I was fatigued from the hectic day and I needed a more relaxing evening with her.  I finished my drink and poured another, then climbed the stairs to the master bedroom.  The door to the bath was slightly ajar.  The water was no longer running, and I could see her relaxing motionless beneath the bubbles on the surface.  I walked in and her eyes opened with surprise, then she smiled.

“You’re home early!  I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting you Sir.”

“That’s okay baby, you take your time and enjoy yourself.  I’ll be waiting in the bed for you.”

I walked to the tub, leaned over, and kissed her forehead.  Then I walked into the bedroom, removed my clothes, and crawled into bed.  I was half asleep when I felt her naked body slip under the covers next to me.  The refreshing smell of her soap and body lotion filled the air.  I pulled her close to me and we kissed.  It was a long kiss, the kind we both liked.  The kind that makes me hard, and makes her wet.  My hands moved around her soft and smooth body as we kissed again.

“What would you like from me tonight Sir?”

I pulled her on top of me and held her by the hips.  She was straddling my stomach, sitting upright, looking down at me and awaiting direction.

“I want YOU to fuck me tonight.  Use my mouth, use my cock, make us both cum.”

She smiled, remembering the other occasions I have given her similar instructions.  She had let me know in the past how much she liked it.

“Yes Sir” she said quietly with a smile.

She leaned forward and kissed me again.  I could feel her breasts lightly touching my chest, her nipples already growing hard.  I moved my mouth to her neck and kissed her.  She tossed her head back and then offered up the other side of her neck to my waiting mouth.  My hands on each side were gently caressing up and down her hips, thighs, and calves.

She sat upright again and then crawled forward moving up my body.  She positioned a knee on each side of my head and then lowered her freshly shaved pussy next to my mouth.  I slipped my tongue between her moist lips and spread them.  I could see she was very wet inside, and my tongue explored slowly, savoring the taste of her.  I sucked her lips one by one into my mouth.  My tongue continued to explore her hole.  It was hot and wet.  Soon my mouth and chin were covered in her glistening juices as I hungrily devoured her.

She slightly re-positioned herself above me so that her clit was now over my mouth.  I licked, exploring all around it with my tongue.  She moaned and lowered herself closer to my mouth.  My tongue was now flat against her swollen clit, applying firm pressure.  I let her grind down as hard as she wished, and she began rocking up and down on my tongue.  I maintained the pressure while moving my tongue in a small circular motion.  She continued grinding herself onto me.

I could feel more of her juices coating my mouth and chin as she increased the speed of her movements.  She began moaning loudly as she arched her back and tossed her head back.  My hands reached up and held her breasts while squeezing each nipple between thumb and forefinger.  With a loud moan and a gasp, she climaxed while grinding against my face.  As she regained her composure I tasted her sweet cum.

After several minutes, she sat upright again and moved her body back down, her dripping wet pussy now resting against my hard cock.  She leaned forward and kissed me deeply again, eager to taste her own cum on my lips and tongue.  Then she reached around behind her, gripped my cock with a firm hand, and guided it inside of her hot cunt.  In one motion she lowered herself completely on to me, burying my cock inside.  I could feel her pussy squeezing me tightly.

She sat upright again and began moving up and down slowly.  Her eyes were closed as she lost herself in her pleasure.  Her breasts were bouncing slightly as she moved.  I watched as she fucked me, not able to take my eyes off her.  I could feel her grinding downward on my cock to apply pressure to her clit.  I let her use my cock as she wished.

It wasn’t long before she came again, my cock and balls now soaked in her juices.  She didn’t stop this time, but kept moving, riding the wave of her orgasm to another crest.  She was moving faster now, sliding up and down my shaft.  Her breasts were bouncing more visibly now as she rode my cock harder and faster.  She was moaning softly with every stroke.  I was getting close now, as I let her body coax the cum from me.

“Oh fuck, yes!” I said as I came.

Her pussy was still sliding up and down my cock as my cum spilled out of her.  She moved even faster and then collapsed forward onto my chest as she came again.  I held her tightly in my arms.  My cock still inside her, I could feel her pussy gripping me with each spasm.  She was motionless on me now, breathing fast as I continued holding her.  In time, we both dozed off, her pussy still wrapped around my cock.

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