Stars (Three Ways)

I had a great view of the stars last night.  I can easily get lost up there for hours.  Inspired by that, this post has a Stars theme.  No it isn’t that kind of 3-way, so get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m going to give you three components, all related to the theme.

First, I have to include Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.  Certainly one of my favorite artists.  Like so many, he was a troubled soul. This was actually painted from his asylum room.  While there for about a year, he painted some of his best known works.


Next, I offer one of my own creations.

Stellar Journey
Darkness falls on the night sky
Tracing stellar patterns with a keen eye
Traveling into the shadows, the mysteries that await
The course chosen, or perhaps one of fate
A path forever changing, the goal in view
Before it is reached, the target will skew
Discoveries abound as we search from afar
Soaring together on our journey through the stars

Lastly, a song called Stars by Grace Potter.  I’ve seen Grace perform with her band, The Nocturnals.  She is super high energy on stage and has many rockin’ up temp songs.  This is a slow one.

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