Closet Workout

It almost seemed like a dream to her now.  A dream that was etched into her mind.  She kept seeing it over and over again, and she wanted to experience it again too.  She was married, and it was wrong, but something about it was very right.  It was what she needed.  It was something she had been needing for a very long time.  So, when she saw him enter the club that morning, one week to the day after she had last seen him, she felt her heart skip a beat.

She was using the elliptical machine when he walked by.  He smiled and said hello.  She nervously replied and smiled back at him.  He began running on the treadmill about ten feet from her.  They could each see one another peripherally, and in the giant mirrors on the wall facing them.  They continued their workouts, each listening to their music while occasionally peaking at the other.

After another forty five minutes, her program on the machine was finished.  Like before, she walked into the adjoining room where aerobic classes were sometimes held.  Like before, no class was taking place and the room was empty.  She began stretching on a mat near the closet door.  Just the sight of the door excited her now, remembering what had happened on the other side of it…and what might happen again.

He entered the room about five minutes later.  He smiled again and walked to the closet door and opened it.  Like before, he asked, “Could you help me with something in here?”  Like before, she approached him, but less hesitantly than last time.  He let her enter the room first, then followed.  With a last look to make sure nobody had seen them, he then closed the door.

She walked to the table at the back of the small room and turned around to face him.  He had lifted her onto the edge of the table and fucked her there during their last encounter.  This time he approached her slowly.  He stretched the neck of her sports bra downward, letting her breasts spill out before him.  Her body was still hot from her workout, sweating lightly.  She watched as he leaned forward, taking each nipple in his mouth, sucking until they became firm against his tongue.

Then he stood up with his hands on her hips.  In one smooth motion he spun her around facing the table, and then pulled down her shorts and lacy panties.  He knelt behind her, lifting each of her legs to fully remove the clothing, then tossed them aside and stood up again.  She felt his hands on her body.  She felt his body, still in clothing, standing close behind her.  He gently pushed her upper body forward until she was face down on the table.  His leg slipped between hers and pushed against each of her legs, spreading them apart.

She waited there for him to take her.  It was what she wanted in that moment more than anything.  She sensed him moving back a step.  In the next moment, she felt his firm hand strike her backside with a loud crack.  It hurt, but she loved it.  Again his hand struck her, on the other side this time.  She squirmed.  It hurt so good she was hoping for more.  His hand gave her what she wanted, repeatedly slapping her ass until it was tattooed with many red hand prints.  With each blow, the wetness between her legs increased exponentially.

She was on the brink of climax when she finally felt him slide into her.  She pushed back against him, wanting to feel him deep inside.  He grabbed her hips and fucked her with long hard strokes, their hot sweaty bodies slapping together with every thrust.  Her pussy soon gushed as she came with spasms of ecstasy.  Throughout, his cock continued pounding inside of her.  One hand now grasped a handful of her hair, pulling back on it as he fucked her.  She arched her back, lifting her head up, while receiving him.

She felt him moving faster as he prepared to finish.  With a final thrust he held himself against her, his cock buried inside, as he filled her with his cum.  He held her there, pinned against the table, while regaining his composure.  He released her hair and slowly withdrew his cock from the hot and wet grip of her pussy.  She heard him pulling his shorts back up.  Then he offered her shorts and underwear to her as she turned around.  She tucked her breasts back inside her sports bra and grabbed her clothes from him.  Soon they were both fully dressed and he moved to the door and held it open for her.  As she walked by him, he said, “See you same time next week.”

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