The Swing – Part II

The Swing – Part I Sarah’s life continued as before.  She frequently met other men for sex, but it was somehow less fulfilling than before.  She thought often of her time with Joe, and they continued talking regularly on the phone.  She often masturbated while thinking of the swing.  She asked Joe if he had … More The Swing – Part II

The Swing – Part I

Sarah was a mess.  Her failing marriage left her feeling hopeless and unwanted.  Her cheating husband was not available to her, and she had few friends to confide in.  She felt numb when she began contacting men online.  Text conversations eventually led to phone calls.  Talking, and especially phone sex, sometimes provided relief.  If she was … More The Swing – Part I


He enters the home and finds her waiting for him as requested.  She wears no clothes and is standing at attention in the entryway.  Her arms are behind her back, crossed at the wrist.  He removes his coat, placing it on one of the wall hooks near the door.  Then he approaches her.  His hand … More Self-Restraint