Ramble (Three Ways)

Here are three pieces related to the theme of Ramble.

The winding river in this photograph, Tetons and Snake River by Ansel Adams, feels like a good fit for the theme.  If you aren’t aware, ALL of his photography is equally awesome.

anseladams river

This one is mine.


Life can be a gamble
With a soul born to ramble

One thing was true
Nothing could tame you

We shared a moment in time
But you were never really mine

Move on restless one
Your journey has begun

Lastly, here’s Ramble On from Led Zeppelin.  For me, it doesn’t get much better than this band.

18 thoughts on “Ramble (Three Ways)

  1. Ramble on has been stuck in my head since I read this. You know how irritating that can be when it’s on replay?? Lol!!!! I agree with missameliaandsir. I love these trifectas. They are very creative, thought provoking. They also remind me of the Kentucky Derby, Derby parties ☺ What with them being trifectas and such.

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      1. It’s alright. I like Led Zeppelin and hadn’t heard them in a LONG time. Those have got to be a truly long, thought out process. One would never think to make the connections with them. Might I suggest a heavy metal one? Such as Metallica, Pantera, Hell Yeah, Slayer?

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      2. I hated them when my husband and I met. I thought they were the worst band ever! He gave me so much shit about it ☺ Now I love Sanitarium, Creeping Death, especially Creeping Death. Sanitarium would be a great one, in my humble opinion.

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