The image she saw was filled with pain

Trying to look away, the attempt in vain

Unforgiving eyes notice every flaw

It was not the reflection others saw

They viewed beauty more than words could tell

To her only ugliness, thoughts she couldn’t quell

11 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. You are quite amazing at capturing the deep, true feelings of a submissive woman. It leads me to surmise that you are a very gifted Dominant because of your wonderful insight into her mind. I can only imagine how talented you must be with her body. 😘

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  2. I love how words tell a story and depending on the readers experience, that story differs.

    For me, your words tell me that she has not yet learned to forgive herself for betraying herself. Hence why her own image so unappealing. Maybe one day she’ll be able to let go of that sadness.

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