The emptiness engulfed his soul. An obsidian cloud locked him in place. He could see and feel her presence. But all attempts to reach her failed. The gloom gripped him more forcefully. Each breath became more difficult than the last. He struggled on the precipice of eternity. As she slowly faded from sight.


The shadowy form moved with her. It blended with her own shadow, and thus was not visible to her. Nevertheless, she felt the presence near her, all around her. It often provoked hope within her, and a longing for something she could not define. It always made her feel safe, and never alone. She grew … More Shadow


The force altered his course Before he felt it or recognized it Moving him slightly in her direction So their orbits would eventually intersect The result was pure energy and light And then the attraction was overpowering Locking him in place Where he would remain forever A shining light visible on the horizon A star in her constellation