The search began long ago
Not certain where to look
Or even what to look for
I wandered the path of life.

Often I chose my own course
Unsure if it was the right one
While other times I was guided
By an unseen force.

So it was I felt led to you
Compelled to meet you
As you fell out of my dreams
And into the world before me.

I loved you immediately
All feels right when we are together
I can no longer imagine
A life without you in it.

The passion is undeniable
Yet what I adore most of all
Is your sweet and beautiful soul
Shining brighter than the brightest star.

The passage of time reaffirms
The certainty of my feelings
As I grow to love you more
With each passing day.

Now I only wish to stay in this place
Confident that I am where I belong
Where I am meant to be
Loving the Angel from my dreams.

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