Desire Waiting for the moment they would meet again. More than lovers they were the best of friends. Past time spent together, etched in their minds. A match of perfection, they were two of a kind. Others not understanding the depths of their love. Something they could never know or conceive of.


The mystery of her was misunderstood misinterpreted misconceived He was misguided misinformed mistaken Realizing too late his miscalculation misjudgment misfortune She is now forever missing

Zombie (Three Ways)

Today I have three pieces related to the theme of Zombie. George Pfau started Zombiescapes a few  years ago.  It’s a collection of abstract paintings of scenes from famous zombie films or television programs.  It’s kind of like Monet doing George Romero’s storyboards.  Here’s an example, with the actual move scene for comparison. Dawn of the Dead (1978) This … More Zombie (Three Ways)


The image she saw was filled with pain Trying to look away, the attempt in vain Unforgiving eyes notice every flaw It was not the reflection others saw They viewed beauty more than words could tell To her only ugliness, thoughts she couldn’t quell


She waited Not knowing what was next Only that he would control her He would take her as he wished Being completely at his mercy Her goal was realized She had what she desired She was free

Ramble (Three Ways)

Here are three pieces related to the theme of Ramble. The winding river in this photograph, Tetons and Snake River by Ansel Adams, feels like a good fit for the theme.  If you aren’t aware, ALL of his photography is equally awesome. This one is mine. Ramble Life can be a gamble With a soul … More Ramble (Three Ways)


Inhaling her delicious scent Tasting her sweet wetness Touching her hidden depths Hearing her pleasured moans Watching her body writhe


Eyes scan the horizon Like a searchlight What was there Now forever gone A tendril of smoke Dissipating in the breeze The blood red sky Cries in sympathy

Pain (Three Ways)

This one is a little bleak, to be expected with the theme of Pain.  As before, here are three pieces related to the theme. The Scream by Edvard Munch has always been a favorite of mine.  I love how the artist uses simple forms to generate so much emotion and expressiveness.  I saw a Munch exhibition at … More Pain (Three Ways)